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Product Description

Laser checks are one of the best options to use these days so that business transactions can take place safely and securely. Those who are still using manual checks are actually unaware of the benefits of preprinted computer checks, which work in a better manner and are also very cost effective. When you order computer laser checks they come printed with your business information, account/routing number etc. printed on them. You then print all the payment related information with your QuickBooks, quicken, SAGE or any other accounting software you use. Laser checks usually come in five different types:

Computer Checks on Top: In this type of Laser checks, the check is printed on top and two stubs are attached below the check. These types of checks are convenient to use for payroll and disbursement purposes. You can use this checks with Intuit QuickBooks, Intuit Quicken, Buildium, Agrisolutions, SAGE, Deltek, and hundreds of others.

Computer Check in the Middle: Laser check in middle are printed in the middle and two vouchers on top and bottom of the page. These checks works best with laser or inkjet printers, you can use this checks with Ajera, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics, Grate Plains, Accufund, and hundreds of others.

Computer Checks on Bottom: In this type checks are printed on on the bottom and two vouchers are printed above the check for use of payroll and disbursement purpose. You can use this checks with FUND E-Z, Dexter Chaney, Shelby, Exact Jobboss, and hundreds of others.

Computer Checks 3 on a page: In this type, 3 checks are printed on one page. It is very economical as it meets the needs of small budget and small business enterprises. You can use this checks with Intuit QuickBooks, Intuit Quicken, PcMars, CahabaWorks (CahabaCreek), LTtax, Client Ledger System, and hundreds of others.

Computer Checks 3 on a page wallet style: In this type of 3 per page checks the stub is to the left of each. These checks will work perfectly when printed with Intuit Quicken and QuickBooks, Microsoft Money and many more.

We are one of the few online printing websites dedicated to provide this type of specific check printing: we want your business, whether it is a small home office, a large supermarket or whatever else, to have as much safety, cost savings and satisfaction as possible. We would love you to check out our laser checks page, that way you will be able to fully understand everything that we have waiting for you. Our check printing is well recognized by our clients – who, thankfully, always come back for more. We love what we do and it shows. We hope you will enjoy our services as much as we enjoy providing them to you.

Thank You.

We would love to thank you for your time and patience. We at MICR check printing are always willing to know your thoughts and opinions. So please, feel free to contact us. We really do value customer relationships. In case you have any doubts and suggestions, make sure to let us know. We hope you will have a great experience at our MICR check printing website and enjoy the best check printing prices you will find online!

Checks Overview

Using The checks order Form

It is really easy to add whatever information that you like, to the checks that you need printed. In fact some of the options you will find on the side menu on the right are: the type of the check you would like to order, the layout on the checks, whether or not you would like one signature or two signatures on the checks or if you choose to receive standard or high security features.

You can also choose the overall background color and texture of the checks. You can add customer information, bank information and actually see an image of the check you are about to order. Finally when you hit the checkout button you will find the best rates at MICR check printing. We strive to please our customers in every which way.

Getting around our Checks Page

You probably already noticed that MICR check printing is a very easy website to get around: we have designed everything to be as easy and as simple as it possibly can. We do not want our clients to waste time trying to figure out where to click to get to the printing options or even to find the product that they have been looking for. In fact, we have planned every single detail of our website for you to feel as comfortable as possible. We are constantly upgrading our website with newer ideas and technology.

Ordering Checks is Safe and Secure

We are very careful to make our website secure and protected from hackers, to ensure safety when ordering your checks– we do not disclose any information about what we print, regardless of who asks for such data. We respect our clients and want them to feel as safe as their information needs to be. You will never have to worry about security, because we have invested in high quality tools to avoid any kind of fraud during the process of printing and paying for the services provided.

Printer Compatibility

These checks are compatible with any inkjet or laser printers so all the personal information can be printed easily like bank account number, routing number, sequence number and any other kind of special line and logo of your company to give the checks a professional look.

MICR Ink Checks

MICR Check printing definitely stands out from the rest: it provides high quality definition, and is way safer than the ones using regular ink. Here, at MICRcheckPrinting.com we put a lot of effort into ensuring you receive high quality checks at amazing affordable prices! We have provided our clients with a large variety of very secure checks.

The MICR ink used for printing these checks is very expensive and is not available easily in the market and offices. However laser checks offered by us are easily printed with the help of laser printers. Printing in MICR was never this easy and reliable before! Plus you can design your own checks and have them enhance your business!

Check 21 Security

Our checks fulfil Check 21 Standard. These checks have numerous advantages for every kind of business either large or small. Some common advantages of using these Laser checks are: We use thermal ink, laser security paper, and many other security features to prevent tampering of unauthorised users. The premium quality paper used by us will not create any problem while printing.

Just follow few simple steps and order your laser checks without any kind of hassle with us. If you require any further information you can call our customer care Representative and we will solve your queries in quick time.

Computer ChecksOverview

Paper Size:
8 1/2" x 11"
Check Size:
3 1/2 X 8 1/2 Middle Stub: 3 1/2 X 8 1/2; Bottom Stub: 4 X 8
Up to 6 lines
Will work with any laser or inkjet printer
Paper Weight:
24lb Laser Check Paper
Security Features
More Than 10 Built in Security Features
Logo On Checks
Free Company Logo (printed in B/w Logo)
color logo
Full Color Logo Starts at only:$.
Parts: 1, 2 (duplicates), or 3 part (triplicates)
Software Compatible
Compatible with any version from year 2000 and above

Shipping and Turnaround Time and Cost

• Shipping Cost for Computer Laser Top Checks - Middle Checks - Bottom Checks?

Shipping Cost for Computer Checks? Use the chart below to determine the shipping and handling charge for your order. shipping within the United States only.
For UPS Ground Time Map Click Here

1000 Checks + 500 Envelopes $19.69
50 Checks $10.49
100 Checks $12.89
200 Checks $13.69
500 Checks $14.89
1000 Checks $15.69
2000 Checks $26.69
3000 Checks $28.69
5000 Checks $69.95
10,000 Checks $109.00

• Shipping Cost for Laser 3 Per Page - and 3 Per per page wallet Checks?

Shipping Cost for Computer Checks? Use the chart below to determine the shipping and handling charge for your order. shipping within the United States only.
For UPS Ground Time Map Click Here

1000 Checks + 500 Envelopes $19.69
50 Checks $9.49
100 Checks $11.89
200 Checks $13.69
500 Checks $13.89
1000 Checks $16.69
2000 Checks $24.69
3000 Checks $28.69
5000 Checks $69.95
10,000 Checks $109.00

Please Note. Additional shipping charges may be added to the Standard Shipping per additional item.
Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories will incur a $10 additional shipping fee.

(4.8 Stars by 18 Reviews ) 5
Computer Checks
Thanks for the order

i have just ordered my laser checks so I cant speak to the product yet. However, the online ordering process was very easy and informative. Customer service was very helpful. I received a email proof within a few days as well.

Computer Checks
low cost computer checks

Ordering our new computer checks and deposit slips via the website was very easy and straightforward. I was thankful there was a phone number with good customer support I to clarify our concerns and questions. The price for the checks and the laser deposit slips is extremely reasonable and I look forward our checks with our logo printed in color soon.

Computer Checks
highest quality

Couldnt ask for more about them. The computer checks are on highest quality. Easy to navigate website to design or upload our company logo. Will order again.

Computer Checks
my ordering mistake

The order process went very well. I noticed I had made a mistake when the confirmation email was received in our inbox. I called the 800 number and was connected to mark; he was friendly, cooperative and reassuring. Mark quickly took care my problem and corrected my ordering mistake, issued me a new updated confirmation email and we received our checks and it was perfect. I look forward to reorder these checks when we ran out of the current shipment. THANKS!!! What more could one ask for?

Computer Checks
Works with Intuit Quickbooks

I had a couple of questions relating to the logo position, business address placement and about the American flag laser checks. I made telephone contact with micrcheckprinting.com. They quickly answered my questions and completed the ordering process while on the telephone. I am now awaiting delivery of my new flag checks for my QuickBooks software.

Computer Checks
Business checks rush

I needed these business checks in a rush! They came within 2 days with the standard cheapest shipping method, and they were perfect in every way! Thanks!.

Computer Checks
checks for softpro

I love the fact that I was able to find the right middle check layout (we use softpro software) I had questions prior to ordering the checks. I got a call today thanking me for my order and verify that I received the email proof of the checks and to give me an approximate lead time. I actually went to look for the proof, yes... it was in my junk folder.... So far, everything has been perfect!

Computer Checks
outstanding quality, cheap checks

Micr check printing is Really good and user-friendly website. Product actually sounds too good to be true for the price but from all my research it appears to be true. More after waiting only a few days I found it to be outstanding quality and our company logo on the checks looks terrific.

Computer Checks
Works with jobboss

We ordered the check on the bottom for jobboss, with the marble green color and I feel confident we made the right decision in selecting this company. All went well but I had to look around between screens just to get the option to pay thru PayPal. Should be on the checkout screen as one of the payment method option right away We hope things continue to go smoothly.

Computer Checks
logo showing on the checks

I have uploaded my logo for my laser checks twice now, and I m still not showing on the checks. I might have to go somewhere else yet. I hope not. It worked out after we converted the logo to the JPEG format, It just seems like your templates should be a bit more forgiving.

Computer Checks
Another Awesome Job!

Customer service has been above and beyond anything I could have expected. I spoke with several other check printing companies about ordering computer checks. I decided to order on this website as i liked the options you guys offered; You were truthful and extremely helpful. One type of checks was more expensive, they did not try to sell me the more costly high security checks, as most check printing companies have tried to do. We are anxiously awaiting the delivery of our QuickBooks checks. You will hear more when I receive the computer QB checks and actually use it to print checks.

Computer Checks
great service

I had ordered computer checks, deposit slips and a for deposit stamp, they all look great. Their design team caught a low resolution on one of my logos and contacted me which I really appreciated.

Computer Checks
QB Checks

Great online web store, ordering the QB Checks was easy. So far we are excited, cant wait for delivery. :)

Computer Checks
Best check printing service sround

I have just received the business checks we ordered only two days ago for our foundation. I am very satisfied with my experience thus far. I have purchased very few business supplies online (its usually a trip to office depot or staples) and was concerned about purchasing business checks online. You have made me feel confident my needs will be taken care of. Thank you all for your diligence to customer service.

Computer Checks
very impressed

I am very impressed with the low price for the color logo option. I am excited to receive my laser checks. Thank you.

Computer Checks
easy to order

It was very easy to order QuickBooks checks online for our company. The website was pretty straightforward and easy to use. I look forward to receiving the checks and trying it out.

Computer Checks
Never a Problem

i have used micr check printing.com a number of times and I have never been disappointed. The quality of the checks is amazing, the prices beat any other check printing company out there, and delivery is always on time.

Computer Checks
Excellent, Loved it!!!

Excellent, They called the second day to verify order color change (the original color was out of stock). Will update as process progresses. Looking forward to delivery day.

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