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Why Odrer All Your MICR Check Printing Needs at

Our MICR business checks are produced with the help of modern printing techniques and they are suitable to different types of accounting software’s and printers. Some other reason’s that will lead you to choose our MICR Checks are given as follows:

• Customize your checks – You can customize any check that you would like to purchase from us by adding font style, company logo, color etc. You can even upload your company logo design on our website and we will print that logo for you without any extra cost.

• Secured Checks – We make use of MICR Ink in our checks that are highly secured, and protect businesses from any fraudulent activities. Some of our checks come with a doubled layer protection, which are much more secure than ordinary checks.

• Reliable Prices – Our MICR checks are easily affordable and all the prices of our checks will vary according to your needs. We guarantee that the prices offered by us are the cheapest in the market and our service is incomparable.

• Quick Delivery – Any order made through our website will have a very fast turnaround. You order will be shipped out within 2 days from the date of your order. You can receive your order as soon as 3 days after ordering it. However, the number of days might increase depending upon your location.

• 100% Product Satisfaction – All the MICR business checks offered at will surely meet all your requirements. If you are ever unsatisfied with any of our delivered products, we will simply replace it for you.

• Secure and Affordable: We protect you from business check frauds with our thoroughly tested products. Also, all our highly secured as well as professionally designed products are offered at the best prices. It is our joy to help your business with quality products at a very affordable rate.

We want to fulfill all your business check needs to your maximum satisfaction and you can help us to do that by going through this website, identify the product that best suits your business, then place your order and we assure you that you will not regret doing business with us.

But what truly makes Micr check printing an extraordinary experience is our fanatical customer support—whether you need help selecting the checks for your business, creating business checks with you custom logo or deposit slips or just need help placing your order, we are here for you.

So take a look around, customize a few products to get a feel for what we do, and reach out with any questions or comments.


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Barry Almond

With the digitization of technology, many businesses make use of innovative concepts that not only increase the output of the business but also help them to stay ahead of their competitors in the global market. At, business check printing has never been so professional and very reliable. The simplicity of our designs attracts customers like you to us and we leave them amazed at the end of their transactions. We have a complete selection of business checks and accessories that are designed to fit your style of business and we are certain that it will meet all your business needs. Our sleek business checks will help your business run more efficiently and you can always get the look that is right for you due to the diversity of our designs.

Micr check makes use of MICR Ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) which is basically a formulation of toner that is used to print specialized font on the checks or on other negotiable documents. We have been at the forefront of the check printing industry for almost 10 years. We strive to make our customers happy by offering top of the line business checks products as well as having an incredibly fast processing time. Moreover, our printing technique is quite different than our competitors’ of global market, as we don’t make use of low quality paper for printing checks. All the printed, as well as blank checks offered by us is printed on high quality paper and you can even customize your check by adding your company logo onto it. Despite the high quality nature of our products, they are all at affordable rates. We are using this medium to invite you to be among numerous businesses that will save money by ordering our business checks and varieties of other check accessories.

For a successful business firm it is important to be up to date so that they can run any company in a better way. We have teams of skilled professionals that have the experience of more than 20 years in serving business checks. Moreover we have satisfied tens of thousands of customers for almost 10 years and the count is still on. Our only focus isn’t just on printing checks. We are equally focused on protecting your business from fraudulent activities that take place in the global market. We only use ink and paper that is very secure and trustworthy. We guarantee that any product that you will order from our website will be delivered by our sales executive within couple of days. Just select any of the products that we offer, and add necessary details at the time of payment. We are always there to help you.


Magnetic printing, also known as MICR (MICR stands for "Magnetic Ink Character Recognition ) aims at protecting users against fraud since it uses a special ink, and reading can be made into a magnetic reader, such as used in banks. The toner used for MICR is mainly used for printing checks, deposit slips, and other bank material, our checks are 100% compatible with all check scanners used at your local bank, we are able to provide top notch MICR check printing services for your company.

What is MICR Ink?

MICR ink contains high concentrations of iron powder, iron oxide and other important materials that make each and every micr check unique and completely safe for your banking institution, whether it is a bank or a credit union. The iron oxide causes the machine readable MICR toner to capture the numbers while making a deposit at your bank. The source for the MICR technology is MICR ink, used in all the micr check printing services done. It is always black,. This causes an ink that can be easily magnetized as a means of storing digital information.

When do you need micr ink?

Banks use MICR toner for printing checks and other important documents to facilitate transaction processing and help with reducing fraud and other general problems associated with low quality printing. But what are the main characteristics of this special ink used to print high quality checks and printed material? We got it all explained for you!

What is the Check MICR Line?

The MICR line is done at the bottom of the check. The numbers in this line contain the routing and account information on the check. The numbers should be printed with MICR ink for the bank check reader to read it.

How does the bank MICR reader machine work?

When the bank teller feeds the check through the reader the check slides through the machine. The machine passes through the magnetic charges that passes verification, the reading of figures and so confirms whether or not that checks is legal,. Back to the micr checks, software matches the account and routing numbers from a database. If the check is good, it is validated and the account is debited. This is essential material for banks and credit unions, as validating checks happens in higher volumes on a daily basis.

The Benefit of MICR Toner

Before MICR an employee had to sit at a console and type manually checking account, account name, check the number and value of each check presented to the bank. After MICR, checks are read (or scanned) at rates of up to 25,000 per hour. Furthermore, there are special code points at the beginning and end of each MICR line telling the computer when the data begins and when it ends. This means that checks past the read head need not be the same size or style. The computer adjusts for different intervals between each line of code based on the code starting / stopping points.

You checks May be rejected if MICR Toner is not used!

If you receive a check for improperly placed MICR numbers, contact the issuing bank for advice. Incorrectly placed MICR numbers may indicate false or fraudulent checks and may be rejected at your bank – something you can easily avoid when hiring the top quality services provided by micr check! We only use high quality concentrated MICR ink to print business checks, and we are happy to rely on qualified and honest printing professionals that do anything and everything to deliver the best check printing services within the smallest timeframe possible, always taking into consideration quality, safety and reliability.

The History of MICR printing and MICR ink

MICR is an abbreviation for "recognition of magnetic ink characters. For instance, micr check printing is needed in pretty much all bank checks and many other financial and legal documents, MICR is a combination of ink to produce fonts and characters that check readers can read quickly. The font used to make MICR not only allows check readers to "read" the text, but people to read them too. This makes MICR more accessible than bar codes and other machine-readable formats.

As the banking sector grew after World War II, the reading process manually, debiting and crediting accounts for verification values meant a tremendous amount of work. With the advent of computer technology in the 1950s, the ability to read and translate magnetic tape meant other magnetic surfaces type could also be readable, which means micr check printing was not so far away from reality as many thought. MICR was developed as a way of making paper magnetic surfaces for rapid computer data input, saving time of workers in daily tasks in banks and, later on, on ticket offices and marketing related material and so forth.

Limitations of MICR Checks

MICR does not eliminate all manual handling of checks. Actual dollar amounts written must still be entered. In addition, the handwritten signatures must be verified. However, there are no safety limitations to be done; after all it is indeed the safest type of printing invented in the world so far. It is indeed worth your time and money. Make sure you contact us at micr check printing for top rated check printing services.

What is an MICR Specification Sheet?

MICR, spec sheet is used to provide us with information needed to print checks or deposit slip, You can upload the micr specification sheet on the product page while placing your order for business checks or deposit slips. it is not required, but will certainly help to ensure the information is correct.

Computer Checks – are very widely used checks that are compatible with different accounting softwares, and are very often used by small and large business firms, to make payments to their employees, customers etc.

You can customize your laser checks by selecting different font and the color of the check. You can even add the logo of your company to give it a professional look. They are specially designed checks that work great with laser and inkjet printers.

Quickbooks Checks – These checks are commonly used with the help of the intuit quickbooks software. You can also customize them according to your needs to make it more professional and eye catching.

Manual Checks – are often purchased by small and large business firms to make records of all the accounting expenses and income of the firms. You can buy them and use them according to your needs.

Deposit Slips – You can order deposit slips, that will help make your trip to the bank easier and faster, by having your information preprinted on them. We offer two types of deposit slips i.e. manual deposit slips and computer deposit slips.

Sage Checks – These checks are designed to work efficiently with Sage Accounting software. Sage checks are high security checks that can also be customized according to your requirements.

Blank Check Stock – Many businesses choose to print their own checks, either out of convenience, or because their computer software does it that way. We have a huge variety of blank checks so that you can choose your favorite color or texture.

Custom Stamps – We offer customized stamps for your business to help perform various tasks. Most firms have ther own for deposit stamps so that they can endorse checks in quick time. Our stamps are of very high quality and last for years without needing an ink refill.

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